Monday, 15 June 2015

Fabric Fiesta

I've been in South Devon this weekend visiting my in-laws.  I had a great time and the sun was shining for us.  While I was down there my mother-in-law mentioned that there was a "Fabric Fiesta" happening in a nearby village.  How could I resist?  Just a 5 minute drive away there was a whole fiesta just for fabric!  So I convinced my poor long suffering husband to drive me down there to take a look (I know, I know, but I'm taking lessons, honest!)

It was great!  OK, so it wasn't very big, but it was crammed full of stalls filled with fabric and cake and patterns and buttons and ribbons and... breath!  Sorry. Got  bit too excited there.

It was chockablock, but I did manage to come away with a couple of things.

The first was a gorgeous vintage kimono that was bit torn and worn in places, but was so irresistible that I just couldn't, well, resist.  I have no idea what it's made of, but it feels so lovely and silky with a bit of texture like crepe.  I can really see this made into a lovely cap sleeve blouse, but this is really a case of aspirational purchasing here, as that is far beyond my current skill level.  A girl can dream...

Here's a close up of the pattern.  I just love Japanese kimono prints

I also picked up a far more practical black cotton with white polka dots.

I'm planning to turn this into a New Look K6107 in version E (the shorter pencil skirt).  That's the plan anyway, so we'll have to see how it turns out.  I'm rubbish at fitting so I'm hoping this will help me master that skill.

Has anyone else been fabric shopping?  What have you picked up?


  1. Oh that looked like a fun little expedition! xx

    1. Hi Zoe :D
      Who can resist a bit of fabric shopping? I know I can't, and I'm only a newb!