Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I can sew my own clothes!

Hi there! I'm really excited to be here.  I know I'm pretty late to the sewing party, but it's better to turn up late than not at all!

I was given a sewing machine by my lovely husband for my birthday and some sewing lessons for my Christmas present in 2013 (I know, isn't he lovely?  Talk about encouraging!) where I learnt the basics of how to use my machine, and I rally enjoyed the simple pleasure of being able to create something.  I made a tote and a make-up bag, but what I really wanted to do was make clothes, but for some reason I just felt daunted by the prospect.  So my sewing machine was pretty neglected last year, but a couple of months ago I felt inspired by all the lovely crafters/sewists/bloggers out there to get my sewing machine out and have a go.  What is there to be afraid of??  It turns out nothing at all!  And I actually made something that I can (and do) actually wear. It's not perfect (far from it) but I'm so proud of myself.

It's a Zinnia from Colette made in a sort of faded burgundy coloured double gauze.  Like I said, its not perfect, but I like to see every mistake as a lesson to be learned.

I loved making this skirt.  The instructions were really easy to follow and the simple construction meant that it was pretty quick to make, even if it did take me an entire Saturday to figure out the waistband.  The instructions were fine, but I just couldn't visualise it for some reason, but I guess that's just my massive lack of experience.  I also think might sit too high on my waist and because of my lanky frame is a bit too high above my knees.  What do you think? Is the fit awful?

What I am happy with though is all the things this simple skirt pattern taught me (so much!)

  • Buttonholes
  • Buttons
  • Invisible zips
  • Pockets (did I mention this skirt has pockets!)
  • Hemming
  • Pleats
  • Waistbands

I love this button, shame about the massively wonky waistband/button/zip meet up area. Anyone have any tips to improve this next time/where I went wrong?

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