Friday, 19 June 2015

I made a Sorbetto top!

Well, I'm pretty sure that everyone in the sewing blog world has made at least one Sorbetto by Colette, so I thought I would join the club.

I made mine in a lovely Liberty Tana Lawn, which I got on sale!  It's a great top and I can see myself filling my summer wardrobe with a few different versions of this.

I have to say I did find that it came out very short.  I have quite a lanky frame so I probably should have adjusted for that and added a bit of length.  Oh well, you live and learn.  Next time.

Clyde Cat photo bomb
The main thing that I loved about making this top is that not only is it the first time using bias tape, but I made my own!  I found it a bit time consuming and fiddly, but I really think it was worth the effort.  I think a contrast bias tape might have been fighting with the quite busy print of the top so I really wanted to use matching fabric.  Plus I have a new skill under my belt!  I think I want to make this pattern again soon to really practice the skills in this and (hopefully) get the hang of the fit issue.

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